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The cruise route

Welcome on the board of Oloboat Marie Terezie, which will take you from our dock „Posezení u Vodníka“ in Nové Sady through the most interesting navigable natural part of Morava river.

Once the ropes are untied, the boat sails down the stream of Morava river out of the city, heading to the weir in Kožušany. The forty-five minute cruise will lead us to the original meandres of Morava river, to the nesting sites of kingfishers, beavers and pools with lots of fish.

Due to the ongoing construction works of the flood protection system it is not possible to sail through the historical stony part of the river bed between the bridge of Komeský and the Masaryk avenue.

However, many other experiences await you on he cruise. As we want to keep some secrets for you, we rather invite you on board. We will be happy to welcome you here.